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Rollforming Lines

In cooperation with leading engineering companies "Bright Industry" carries out construction and modernization of metal working machines, particularly, the machines which produce zinc plates for roof covers and profiles for interior decoration.

The equipment of well known brands such as LS, Delta, Siemens, Autonics, and Compass are used for automation of these machines.

Automatic lines for manufacturing metal tiles and floorings with any trapezoid heights

  • These lines have high productivity, especially those who work with servo systems (10-18m/min)
  • Lines are designed for processing sheets of thickness 0.35-0.7mm
  • Lines can be both for 1 and 2 layers (storeys) of cylindrical series

Automatic lines for manufacturing:

  • Shelving systems designed for small supermarkets to big stores;
  • frame thermal profiles C, Z, W, U and reinforcing profiles for PVC with thickness up to 3 mm;
  • systems of suspended ceilings;
  • profiles for plaster systems - CD, UD, C, U, Аngle, Beacon, stamps for fractional elements;
  • Arched profiles
  • Lengthwise cross cutting of rolled metal (LCRM) with thickness of 0.3-10mm. 


Production lines consist of the following components:

  1. Decoiler which runs by inverters of firms LS or Delta.
  2. Cylindrical node, the work speed of which is controlled by inverter of firms LS or Delta, and the positions are controlled by encoders of firms Autonics and Mecapion.
  3. Stamping and cutting node is controlled by high-precision servo motors of Delta and Mecapion.
  4. All sensors existing on the lines (encoders, inductive sensors) are from world-known company Autonics.
  5. Hydro-mechanism of cutting and stamping is operated by hydraulic system components of the firm Compass.
  6. The whole automation of lines is implemented with PLC and touch screen displays of company Delta.

Automatic lines for producing wall or roof sandwich panels filled with mineral wool, polyurethane foam, or combined

Automated system is able to solve various tasks as well as to keep and archive production results.