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About us

About Us

“Bright Industry”  specialized in automation of industrial systems in UAE, Georgia, Russia and Armenia, moreover it is regarded as a Leader Company in providing automation service of manufacturing systems, as well as in importing automation goods and equipment.

 “Bright Industry” carried out retail of automation goods and had service of automation of industrial processes for over than 15 years.

Due to our long term cooperation with such leading companies as LS (LG), Delta, Autonics, Sick, Camozzi, Advantech, Compass Hydraulic, SNS Pneumatics, Jufan, Sewhacnm, Taie, Fotek, Yaskawa, “Bright Industry” takes pride in technical supporting of majority of companies in the region.

High qualified engineers of “Bright Industry” are specialized in programming and providing different industrial systems as below:

  • Implementation of Technologies of Wireless Data Transfer and Remote Control during Production
  • Solution of various issues with the help of industrial robots:
  • Automation of Temperature, Humidity, Pressure Monitoring and Control Processes during Production
  • CNC systems
  • Development of Machine Control Systems for Manufacture of Plastic Products
  • Development of Machine Control Systems for Manufacture of Roofing Sheets
  •  Automation of Bulk Material and Liquid Level Control Processes in Bunkers
  • Automation of Electronic Scales Work during Production
  • Automation of Movement Accuracy and Speed Control Processes during Production through Servomotors and Asynchronous Electric Motors
  • Beverage Bottling Line Automation
  • Packaging Equipment Automation
  • Upgrading Services: Stone Processing Machines
  • Automation of concrete industry
  • Remote control systems for Industrial Cranes
  • Other industrial issues

 “Bright Industry” keeps widening its role in the field of manufacturing automation, moreover, due to new connections and new equipment continuously being offered by our company, “Bright Industry” is always regarded as a Leader in terms of automation systems. Here our clients can find everything to make their industry enjoyable and comfortable.