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Dairy production

Meat production

Production of canned food

Sugar production

Beverages production

Wheat grain production

Oil production

Metal production

Plastic production

Pumping stations

Mushroom production

Ston production

Cement production

Other productions

Elevator system

Standart solutions


Energy system

Communication tools

Industrial lines and machines

Human Machine Interface

Allows you to create interfaces to manipulate and control actions of different machines

Motors and Drives

Are used in various industries for driving machines, pumps, compressors, transport mechanisms, etc.


It is widely used in various machines, conveyors, elevators, mills, centrifuges, stamping presses, etc.

Programmable logic controllers (PLC)

The ideal tool for building multi-program

Wireless control instruments

Communication modules are used to connect the transducer to different industrial networks

Control instruments

Widely used in all sectors of industries and production


In the automated control systems we can get feedback from the object due to different sensors

Load cells

The basic measuring element used in the electronic scales and weighing systems


All common types of heaters, different configurations, a full range of size and power.


Pneumatic equipment can operate in any environment

Electrical components

Used to measure various electrical parameters: current, voltage, frequency, capacitance, resistance

Panel wiring instruments

All that you may need for assembly work

Wiring tools

Tools that can accelerate and facilitate the installation work