Catalogue products


Dairy production

Meat production

Production of canned food

Sugar production

Beverages production

Wheat grain production

Oil production

Metal production

Plastic production

Pumping stations

Mushroom production

Ston production

Cement production

Other productions

Elevator system

Standart solutions


Energy system

Communication tools

Industrial lines and machines


Universal screw terminals

Buttons and switches

Easy to install and more functional types of electric connection

Limit switches

To convert a mechanical signal into an electrical


Designed to connect the wires and cables with copper conductors

SM series Insulators

Insulator material: Composite fiber glass, Material of threaded bush: Brass

PG series Cable glands

Have high heat resistance and stableness

LTD/ LTE/ LTF series Warning lights

Used in control systems and in alarm systems to alert

Industrial plugs and sockets 16-125A

A series of sockets designed for all applications in all types of buildings

Metal Enclosures

Are anti corrosive and moisture-proof and can be used in different industries

PVC trunckings and DIN rails

Comfortable, durable, make the installation neat and secure

Pedal switches

Pedal switches are widely used in industry