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Dairy production

Meat production

Production of canned food

Sugar production

Beverages production

Wheat grain production

Oil production

Metal production

Plastic production

Pumping stations

Mushroom production

Ston production

Cement production

Other productions

Elevator system

Standart solutions


Energy system

Communication tools

Industrial lines and machines

Multimeters, Megohmmeters, Clamp Meters

For measuring voltage, current and resistance


Main function-switching electrical circuits of AC and DC with a given exposure of time


Counters are the basic tools widely used in automation process of various industries

Temperature controllers

Temperature controller is a measurement device used on temperature control

DT2234B series Digital photo tachometer

The digital display shows the exact value of the speed

DT-8530 series Infrared thermometer

Compact and easy to use

ST series Infrared thermometer

Lighting, sound, memory function

АМ/SF series Voltmeters

Works in any industrial ambiance, corresponding to high standards

AM/SF series Ampermeters

Designed for AC and DC current value measuring

305 series Digital thermometers

Handheld lightweight design, with Offset adjust, Data hold, MAX hold