Projects - CNC machines for metal plasma and laser cutting

CNC machines for metal plasma and laser cutting

Project Description

For CNC machines up to 6 axes, we offer implementation laser or plasma cutting. Almost all types of CNC can be upgraded and used as laser and plasma coordinate cutting. It is possible to use existing components during the upgrade, that is, your old or spare laser equipment or existing plasmatron can be easily used in the upgrade process.
Another advantage is the ability use plasma or laser at the same time cutting together with gas cutting for economic efficiency.

Positioning control for cutting, welding and engraving on simple and complex surfaces

The control is based on the coordinate method and its own program with a unified interface. The control supports up to 11 axes and has the ability to simultaneously control several working parts. Process cutting, engraving or welding can be carried out both on flat surfaces and on circles and any non-standard surfaces.
Ability to define a program as in a CAD extension (ex. .dxf, .iges, .dgn, x3d, etc.) and using the G-code extension.




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