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Delta DVP-SS series PLCs

The slim and compact SS series offers the easiest and basic functions for sequential control

Delta DVP-SA series PLCs

Compared to the standard Delta PLC, the slim and compact SA series offers larger program capacity and operation efficiency

Delta DVP-SX series PLCs

The slim and compact SX series supports digital input/output and is built in with multiple analog I/O channels

Delta DVP-ES series PLCs

ES series is the representative MPU for basic sequential control as well as the most cost-effective small PLC

Delta DVP-EX series PLCs

The EX series is the analog MPU with the lowest cost

Delta DVP-EH series PLCs

EH2 series is well equipped with outstanding operational speed, large programming capacity

Delta DVP-SV series PLCs

The left-side parallel high speed extension interface on SV series is able to connect to all kinds of network interface

Delta DVP-SC series PLCs

The SC series is the best MPU for motion control because of better high-speed pulse output and pulse counting functions