Qlight Selected as “Youth-Friendly Enterprise in 2021”

Qlight Co., Ltd. was recently certified as the “Youth-Friendly Enterprise in 2021” by the Ministry of Employment and Labor of Korean government. ⠀⠀

“Youth-Friendly Enterprise” is a certification where the Ministry of Employment and Labor annually grants to companies that creat youth-friendly work place with excellent performance, in pursuit of providing better company information that young people needs when they seek jobs. Qlight, with recognition of its excellence in areas such as both in wage averages and wage growth rate, it was selected as the best company of all the certified companies this year in the fields of”’Excellent Wage Company” and “Excellent Work-Life Balance Companies” in that it successfully implemented welfare policies to provide a well-balanced life of employees.

Certified as a “Youth-Friendly Enterprise in 2021”, following a “Family-Friendly Certificated Company” in 2019 and a “Global Small Giant Company” in 2020, Qlight has been acknowledged of its continued effort in serving local community by building concrete foundations for exceeding work condition for employees. “We have been making great efforts to improve the working environment and welfare level of our employees, and recently, we have implemented various work training and career development systems to improve work efficiency and work competency of employees while dramatically reducing physical working hours. We will continue to come up with a variety of education system that company and employees can grow together”, Qlight official said.

Qlight is currently operating 44-hour work week system, 3-day regular leave system for a week (so called “Family Love Day”), flextime, annual leave promotion system, and a paid holiday guarantee on statutory holidays. In addition, on work sites, the company operates in-house cafeteria that serves locally sourced fresh food and book cafe and library that provides book rental system for employees. The company also provides recreational facilities for employees for vacations, a loan system for living funds, systemized in-house career development programs, outsourced education systems, and employee training site equipped with libraries. ⠀

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