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Dairy Production Automation

Project Description

Dairy Pasteurization Process Automation

The automated process control system for the technological section of the dairy production is designed to control and manage the technological process at the customer’s dairy production. Automation of production processes can improve product quality and profitability.
Advantages of the implementation of an automated process control system for the technological section of a dairy plant:

  • APCS makes it possible to maintain the entire production process at an optimal level in a given mode. All parameters are observed with high precision. This applies to recipes for making a particular product, dosage of components, etc.
  • APCS makes it possible to control the quality of the intermediate product used as raw material in further production.
  • APCS allows you to timely track and choose between the assortment of products on a given line.
  • Due to the process control system, you can reduce the loss of raw materials and efficiently use all the necessary resources.
  • In addition to the production process itself, the APCS is aimed at transferring technological process data to other departments of the enterprise, namely to the accounting department, in sales and purchasing departments, etc.

The temperature control is adjusted using the auto-tuning function, which allows the system to periodically update the control coefficients and select new parameters to eliminate even minor control errors.

Control System for Compressor-cooling Complex

The system is designed to improve the accuracy of maintaining a given temperature in cooled systems, increase economic efficiency by reducing operating costs and equipment repair costs and ensuring safety in the compressor-cooling complex.
Compressor station automation consists of:

  • Collection and processing of information on the compressor complex
  • Preparation for start-up and automatic start-up of the compressor
  • Automated control and adjustment of compressor unit parameters
  • Control of technological parameters of the cooling gas
  • Monitoring the operation of the circulation system
  • Signaling device of the equipment functioning parameters exceeding the established control limits and registration of emergency situations
  • Implementation of equipment shutdown in case of emergency values ​​of technological parameters, translation equipment in a safe position and the decommissioning of spare compressors to maintain a smooth cooling process in the systems.The system archives work data for an unlimited time. It is also equipped with a GSM alert system and a remote access option.

Georgia, Armenia, Russia


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"Marianna" Dairy Factory