Projects - Pumping Station Automation

Pumping Station Automation

Project Description

The system is designed to provide automated operation of submersible pumps. We offer two options for implementation at the request of the customer.

The first step is to consider repeating fragments of control systems. Control systems in both cases have this functionality:

  • Checking the input voltage for the following components: phase sequence, phase loss, checking voltage minimum and maximum between phases
  • Provides a smooth start of the pump electric motor
  • The ability to determine the idle speed of the engine
  • Possibility of connecting a level sensor
  • Determination of overload in the system by current
  • Indication lamps on the control board
  • Switch on the control panel for defining the operating logic (manual and automatic)

Additional features of the second version of the control system. Here PLC and HMI are added to the control system.

  1. Automatic start of the control system according to predefined parameters, as well as the ability to change parameters remotely:
    Selects the number of restart attempts when the system is stopped
    Select an intermediate delay between restart attempts
  2. Possibility of displaying a message with the name of a faulty edge in the system in case of an emergency
  3. Possibility of adding additional modules (eg GSM communication module):
    Remote access and control (by means of encrypted SMS messages)
    Sending text messages in case of an accident
  4. Possibility of creating a central control panel through the implementation of a communication network (OPC server). In this case, all edges are controlled from one point
  5. Implementation of SCADA System allows you to control all edges of the control system remotely, via PC
  6. Archiving data both for each edge separately in the local database, and for the entire system in the global database

In the second case, the control system allows, if necessary, to additionally connect the backup power. In this case, the pumping station runs continuously. Switching over to the reserve is carried out even in the event of a malfunction of the soft starter. In case of failure with preprogrammed automatic restart attempts, power is supplied to the submersible pump by means of an additional magnetic starter or a spare soft starter.

Another important advantage is the ability to set up, service and install software from a distance. If the customer wishes, we can also make additions, solve software issues and make changes to the algorithm for the operation of an already operated pumping station (an Internet connection is required). 4G coverage is sufficient to carry out the above works and the physical location of the control panel does not matter.