Autonics SPRM Multi-channel Power Controllers

SPRM Series Multi-channel Power Controllers

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The SPRM series multi-channel power controllers offer single-phase and three-phase control. The 4-line LCD display allows real-time monitoring of load current, load voltage, load power and heat-sink temperature. The controllers feature open/close structure for convenient fuse replacement and cycle control, phase control, feedback control (constant current, constant voltage, constant power) methods are available for stable power control. RS485 and EtherCAT communication are also supported.

Main features

  • Single-phase control or three-phase control selectable
  • Wide voltage range : 220 to 440 VAC
  • Various rated current models : 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 90 / 110 / 160 A
  • Monitoring load current / voltage / output / resistance / heatsink temperature / power
  • Various alarm functions and history save option : heater brake, partial heater brake, fuse brake, heatsink overheat, overcurrent, FAN error and etc.
  • Convenient fuse replacement with open/close structure
  • RS485, EtherCAT communication supported


Single-phase Control / Three-phase Control Available

The SPRM series offer up to 3 single-phase control with 1 controller instead of using 3 different single-phase controllers for space-saving and easy wiring. The SPRM series also offer three-phase control.


[Single-phase or Three-phase]


4-Line LCD Display

The 4-line LCD display offers real-time monitoring of load current(A), voltage (V), output (%), temperature (℃), resistance (Ω) and power (kWh) for accurate and stable power control.


Detachable Display for Separate Installation

The display module can be detached from the body and can be installed on a separate panel for easier status monitoring.


Various Alarm Functions

The SPRM series feature various alarm function including heater brake, partial heater brake, fuse brake, heatsink overheat, overcurrent, FAN error for safer operation.


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